X-Rays Don’t Lie

I entered through the emergency entrance and once it was determined that I didn’t have any immediate life-threatening issues, I was provided a room and waited another hour for the next steps. In my mind, the next steps being how fast I can get out of this hospital. I was diagnosed with a very mild concussion (at worst) but the doctor really “needed” to have some x-rays taken to make sure there was no internal bleeding in my head. I was checked out twice and then once again had to have my arm twisted just to have these taken. I finally agreed.

I was given some good pain medicine to “help me relax” after the x-rays were taken. The medicine made me dose off a bit. I’m not really sure how long I was asleep but I was fully aware of what I heard when I woke up.

A doctor abruptly pushed back the curtains that separated me from the rest of the patients and nursing staff.

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